RHUMC Day School

Language and Literacy Development

The teachers introduce literacy in a variety of ways through a print-rich environment. Children are expected to know and begin writing their first and last names. Children are introduced to a specific letter of the alphabet every week of school through literature, art, music, dance, and beginning writing expressions. In addition to letter recognition and letter sounds (phonics), children are introduced to basic sight words and word families that will aid in phonetics and emergent reading and writing abilities. The Day School teaches the “block” form of handwriting using the “Handwriting without Tears” curriculum, which is the same handwriting curriculum used in Bryan County’s Public Kindergarten.

Mathematics and Science Development

Children will begin learning number recognition and number value simultaneously. The children begin sorting, patterning, and classifying various objects in identifiable patterns. Geometric shapes will be introduced along with basic units of measurement. Science units and concepts are covered throughout the year as well. Teachers provide several creative ways to teach and present math and science through the mediums of hands-on activities, literature, art, music, dance, and beginning writing expressions. 

Christian Foundations

The vision of the Day School is to promote a Christ-centered learning environment. All classes incorporate Christian values and ideologies through activities, literature, and music. In addition to a 15-minute Chapel time once a week led by the director, the teachers model Christian faith and prayer to the students on a daily basis. The “WeeLearn” curriculum is also used for Bible stories in the classroom.

RHUMC Day School

We provide small classes, experienced Christian teachers, and a safe, loving environment. Our teachers use lots of hands-on learning activities created around a theme-based curriculum. Children also develop spiritually as they attend chapel and as teachers model Christian faith and prayer.

Day School Info

Richmond Hill United Methodist Church Day School 9050 Ford Ave. 

Richmond Hill, GA 31324

Phone: (912)-756-6164

Day School Director: Gina Stephenson dayschool@rhumc.com

Day School Calendar: 2023-2024

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding our program please fill out the form (below) or call 912-756-6164. 

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Our Pre-K Program

Thank you for considering enrolling in our Pre-K program at the Day School. The Day School implements the Bright from the Start Georgia Early Learning Standards. With the benefit of small class sizes, individualized instruction, and creative experience, your child will receive the necessary fundamentals of Pre-K that will prepare your child for Kindergarten. 

Here are a few highlights to the RHUMC Day School Pre-Kindergarten Program:

Pre School Classes

  • 2-day 2-year-olds: Mon. & Wed. or Tue. & Thurs. 
  • 3-day 3-year-olds: Tues. Wed. & Thurs. 
  • 4-day 3-year-olds: Mon-Thurs. 
  • 4-day Pre-K: Mon-Thurs. 
  • School Hours are from 9am-12pm

Developmental Appropriateness

The Day School Pre-K teachers find creative and unique ways to offer real experiences teaching your child what he or she will need to enter kindergarten through the subject-based curriculum guidelines. The teachers spend many hours planning and creating activities that are developmentally and age appropriate.